Ideal Instruments for Beginning Pianists

Piano teachers will all agree that it is extremely important for students to practice on an instrument that offers the authentic touch and feel of a real piano. In time, the piano methods and pieces students practice are designed to train the fingers, hands, wrists and arm muscles to develop properly.  Scales, etudes, sight reading and other forms of practice will develop strength in all the muscles needed to make the student play faster, more precisely, and have greater control on the keys.  This strength training is referred to as developing  technique on the piano. 

The beginning student's instrument  must have full size piano keys. The keys must be at exactly the same height as an acoustic piano. A regulation 19" high piano bench must accompany each instrument. The keys must be touch sensitive and eventually all students should be playing on a mechanical weighted key system. Finally, a sustain pedal must be available to the student when they are ready.  

Our rental keyboards offer these features to the beginning student. Learn about our rental options here.

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