Yamaha Personal Keyboards/Digital Pianos

White House of Music displays and sells the latest Yamaha Portable Keyboards.  Yamaha classifies their smaller portable keyboards as "Personal Portable Keyboards".  White House of Music is currently displaying the PSRE233, PSRE333, PSRE423, YPG235 & PSRS500B portable keyboards.  We also have on display the Yamaha NP30 and NPV80 "Piaggero" Portable Piano Keyboards.  Today, in the realm of what are considered to be "Portable Digital Pianos" White House of Music is showing the new Yamaha P95, DGX640 and P-155 portable Digital Pianos.   These keyboards and portable digital pianos represent "State of the Art" technology in today's keyboard market.  Nobody else comes close to the cutting edge sound and technology that Yamaha offers in current models.  Do yourself a real favor and check these exciting and fun products out soon.

The final segment in today's market are Yamaha's "Home Digital Piano" products!  Clavinova CLP & CVP Digital Pianos and YDP Digital Pianos represent the final culmination of Superior Digital Piano Technology.  White house of Music displays the entire line of Yamaha Clavinovas.

Why Buy a Digital Piano?




               When Is a Weighted Piano Action Needed for Lessons?

Piano teachers will all agree that it is extremely important for students to practice on an instrument that offers the authentic touch and feel of a real piano.  This is most important because in time, the piano methods and pieces students practice are designed to train the fingers, hands, wrists and arm muscles to develop properly.  Scales, etudes, sight reading and other forms of practice will develop strength in all the muscles needed to make the student faster, more precise and have greater control on the keys.  This strength training is referred to as developing  technique on the piano.

All major publishers of piano methods today introduce technique study at the very end of level 2 books and the beginning of level 3 books.  This is the time to be sure you are settling in on a keyboard instrument that offers the actual touch and feel of the piano.  If you have been using a rental electronic piano with light touch, now is the time to change.  If you have been using a smaller portable keyboard, now is time to switch to real piano touch and feel.  White House of Music offers 16 to 20 models of digital pianos with authentic piano touch and feel.  Stop by one of our five locations stores to see these incredible and affordable solutions for making  the most of your piano lessons.

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