Private Lesson F.A.Q


Frequently Asked Questions about Private Lessons


1. What are private lessons?

Private lessons are 30 minute lessons where a student works with the teacher on learning their instrument of choice. It's a one-on-one setting where the student enjoys the undivided attention of their instructor.

2. What will my student learn in private lessons?

Depending on the student's individual goals, private lessons offer all students a focused, individualized curriculum for learning their instrument. All students learn proper posture and technique, note reading and music fundamentals, care of their instrument, practice techniques, etc.

Lessons are customized to each student and develop what  he or she wishes to acheive on their instrument. Some of our students are beginners who are learning all of the basics of playing, reading, and understanding music; others are advancing students working on audition pieces or contest music. Many students just want to play for fun and make music a part of their lives! Private lessons are a wonderful way for all of these musicans to progress on their instruments.

3. How old does someone have to be to start lessons?

White House of Music does not set an age limit on private lessons. Our individual instructors are allowed to welcome the ages they are most comfortable teaching into their studios.

Generally, our locations offer piano and violin lessons for ages 4 and up, and most other instruments from age 8 and up.  All of our instructors welcome adult students, regardless of experience!

Contact the location nearest you to find the perfect instructor for you, or find out if your child is ready for private lessons.

5. What materials will we need for lessons?

All students must have a properly sized instrument in good working order to bring to lessons each week and to practice on at home. Students may rent or purchase a quality instrument from White House of Music for their lessons.

Our piano studios are equipped with Yamaha Digital Pianos for the use of our piano students; percussion kits are provided in our percussion studios for those students. We also provide amplifiers for our guitar students.

All students should bring their instrument and a pencil to their first lesson. If the student has some experience and is already working on a piece, s/he is welcome to bring that music, as well. Additional music, books, or supplies will be discussed in your first lesson and are recommended at the instructor's discretion.

6. Who are your teachers?

White House of Music's instructors are interviwed and hired as employees of White House of Music. This guarantees an exceptional music education experience with a qualified, experienced instructor, hired specifically for his or her expertise.

Our staff consists of state licensed school music eductators, veteran studio instructors, and professional performers. We can't wait to begin making "music for life" with you today!

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