5 Reasons to Take Summer Music Lessons

5 reasons to take summer music lessons

With warmer temperatures, lots of sunshine, and plenty of activities going on, music lessons don’t always come to the top of kids’ summer to-do lists. But summer lessons can be a refreshing way to keep your young musician motivated and excited to keep playing his or her instrument when fall rolls back around. Here are 5 reasons your child should take summer music lessons:

1. Stay sharp – or grow sharper

This one’s obvious, but after a great year of progress in band or orchestra, shoving your child’s instrument in the closet for June, July and August will put everything s/he’s learned during the school year out of sight and out of mind – and out of practice. Not playing for the summer months could put your child behind when band or orchestra resumes in fall.

Students who may have struggled with their instrument during the school year can benefit from the one-on-one, personalized attention s/he will receive in private lessons, making summer the perfect time for these students to identify their obstacles to success and overcome them. Summer lessons can inspire a discouraged student to stick with their instrument and stay motivated to keep learning and growing as a musician.

If your student is already passionate and excited about playing his/her instrument, private lessons are the ideal way to help him or her prepare for fall auditions, chair placement tests, or get a headstart on contest literature for the upcoming school year.

2. Enjoy a new perspective

Hopefully, your child has a great rapport with his/her school music instructor and has learned a great deal. Working with a new teacher for summer can build on the foundation your teacher has established, and offer new insights or inspiration that can keep your child energized to keep playing. If your child hasn’t connected with his or her school music teacher, summer lessons might provide the opportunity for your child to meet a teacher that can serve as his/her musical mentor for years to come.

5 reasons to take summer lessons3. Flexible schedules

White House of Music’s offers our flexible Summer 8 lesson program June 15 – August 15 only. If weekly lessons just won’t fit in your schedule, summer is a perfect time to choose this attractive option to enjoy the benefits of private music lessons without a weekly commitment.

4.   Try something new

If your child already plays a school band or orchestra instrument, s/he has built solid musical foundations that will make learning other instruments easier. If your violinist would like to try guitar or your clarinetist would like to try cello, summer lessons are a wonderful way to let your young musician “sample” other instruments.

5. Have fun!

Summer lessons are the best way for your child to explore “fun music” that s/he might not get to play during the school year in band or orchestra. Popular music publishers like Hal Leonard offer sheet music arranged for band and orchestra instruments from a variety of non-traditional genres, like rock, country, movie themes, Broadway hits, folk, and more. In summer lessons, your child can continue to develop musical skills and proper technique on his/her primary instrument while playing the music s/he loves! 

Summer lessons are the perfect way for your young musician to keep progressing on his or her instrument, while having fun. Contact us today to learn more or to register!

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