3 Ways to Share Music with Your Kids This Summer

3 ways to share music with your kids this summer

School’s almost out and summer is calling! With the beautiful summer weather so short-lived in Wisconsin, it’s completely understandable that your child (and most likely, you!) would rather spend time outdoors than inside practicing. That’s ok! Your child can still keep learning about and loving music, wherever your summer adventures take you. Here are 3 great ways to share music with your child this summer, without having to stay tied to the practice room:

1. Attend an outdoor concert

Milwaukee and the surrounding suburbs offer great, family-friendly outdoor concerts all summer long. Take your pick of classical music, choral music, jazz, rock, oldies tribute bands, and more, all performed in beautiful settings throughout the area. Make the most of your experience by talking with your child about the concert, or go one step further and conduct “follow up research” after the concert on the pieces, composers, or musical eras you explored together.

Here’s a list of FREE outdoor concerts planned throughout the Milwaukee County Parks system this summer to help you plan!

2. Make drive time musical

3 ways to share summer music with your kidsMost families will probably spend a good part of the summer in their cars, driving to summer sports, vacations, and parties. Make the most of your drive by creating kid-friendly playlists with your child that you can share with him or her in the car. Challenge your child and get creative. Ask her to find songs that were popular in the year each member of your family was born, or task him with finding songs about “sunshine” or “the beach” or another summer theme. This is a great way to expose your child to new kinds of music (and prevents complaining about mom and dad’s radio picks!).

3. Visit music themed destinations

Did you know Sturgeon Bay boasts the world’s only fully operational motel featuring live music, songwriting retreats, and its own radio station? Or that you can see a giant glockenspiel play every half-hour for free in the Wisconsin Dells? From historic performance halls to rock n’ roll history, Wisconsin offers a variety of destinations and attractions for music fans. Incorporate one of these sites into your next vacation or roadtrip to share music with your child. Visit http://www.travelwisconsin.com/ to start planning.

Your young musician doesn’t have to give up a minute of summer fun to keep growing and learning. Have a great summer!

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