Staff Profile: John Peter

Meet John Peter

John serves as our senior string specialist in the White House String Shoppe. 


John Peter1. What instruments do you play?

Cello, guitar, banjo

2. How long have you been playing?

Well, being the senior member of the String Shoppe Staff, let's just say a long time!

3. Why is cello awesome?

I love the tonal range of the cello.

4. What is your favorite piece you've ever played, and why?

The 3rd Movement of the D Major Bach Gamba Sonata (recommended recording: Bernard Greehouse and Syliva Marlowe).

5. Are you in any performing groups right now?

Yes, I have two groups. The D'Arez Trio and a crossover quartet called "Riffwood."

6. What advice would you give to young string players?

Pick up your instrument every day. String instruments can be unforgiving if they are ignored.

7. What is your favorite instrument or accessory in the White House String Shoppe?

The cellos, of course! I also like the Andrea Tartini green rosin and Pirastro Schwarz dark.


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